We are proud to have become a partner of Slovenian Caritas in the charity project GIFT BOOKS 2020. The campaign of collecting school notebooks lasts from 18 May to 5 July 15. All collected notebooks will be handed over by Slovenian Caritas to Slovenian schoolchildren living in difficult social conditions.

Caritas was approached last year by a number of families in need of help with the purchase of notebooks and school supplies. Last year, aid in the form of school supplies was distributed throughout Slovenia to 11.961 primary school children, which is almost 400 classes of children. Also this year, many families turn to Caritas and ask for help. Especially those affected by parental unemployment, illness and other difficult circumstances.

In the company Acron, doo, we have been preparing various forms of charity campaigns for several years in order to draw as many genuine, happy smiles as possible on children's faces. We hope that this time too, with your help, dear customers, we will be able to collect as many school notebooks as possible and make many schoolchildren happy.

We invite you to donate a new, large, deleted notebook for elementary school students who need help. The price of the notebook for the charity campaign is a symbolic 1 € (regular price of the notebook is 2 €)

How to donate a notebook?

Buy a notebook at a good price of € 1 in one of the Office & More stationery stores or Bags & More haberdashery, where you also donate it to charity. You can also place a simple online order in the online stores and In this case, we will not send the notebook to your home, but we will store all the notebooks collected in this way at the headquarters of our company until they are handed over to Caritas. In the case of the purchase of 10 notebooks (for yourself or for the purpose of this charity campaign), our company donates another additional notebook to the campaign.

At the end of the charity campaign, we will inform you about the total amount of notebooks collected.

Thank you for your solidarity!