In July 2019, a charity-sales campaign to collect school notebooks for schoolchildren living in difficult financial conditions took place in the Office & More and Bags & More branches. The campaign was designed as follows: on behalf of each customer who bought the Skul Vajb school diary in our branches, we donated one school notebook to charity.

At Acron, doo, we know that holidays are not a carefree time for all parents. Many of them are facing the purchase of new textbooks, workbooks and school supplies this September, which have a profound impact on the family budget. We wanted to prevent these worries, so in July we organized a charity-sales campaign to collect school notebooks in the Office & More stationery stores and Bags & More haberdashery stores. As many as 1000 school notebooks collected in this way were ceremoniously handed over to Slovenian Caritas on Tuesday, August 20, at the Office & More paper mill in BTC, Hall A, in Ljubljana.

At the handover of the donation, Matevž Vrunč, Executive Director, said: “Unfortunately, there are families living in difficult financial conditions, and at the beginning of the school year, they have an additional burden - where to find the funds for new school supplies. Through a charity campaign, we wanted to help them alleviate these concerns and we are proud to have collected as many as 1000 school notebooks with the help of clients. We know that they will come in the right hands, and at the same time, we wish all the schoolchildren who will use them an abundance of new knowledge and joy in the new school year. "

Cveto Uršič, Secretary General of Slovenian Caritas, thanked the delivery of the school notebooks with gratitude: “At Slovenian Caritas we are pleased with the initiative and solidarity of Acron, doo We can work together to help many parents who find themselves in difficulty in purchasing school supplies. We are grateful for the collected notebooks that we are giving away to children at risk this month, in addition to helping them purchase workbooks. Thanks also to all the customers who made the donation possible. "

Charities can turn the lives of many individuals and families better, so we will continue to organize them at Acron in the future. We don't run out of ideas, but the effort certainly pays off - especially with the feeling that we have done something good for our fellow human beings.