As part of the increasingly high profile charity campaign within Acron, doo, we are re-launching the engines of a creative-charity competition I DRAW FOR A FRIEND. As the competition is more successful each year, more and more funds are raised for charity, and increasingly recognizable, this year we have further upgraded it to the sister competition I WRITE TO A FRIEND.

About the competition

In the competition I'm drawing for a friend cooperate students of Slovenian elementary schools. Students can draw, paint, print or combine fine arts on a particular topic. Acron, doo commission will select the most beautiful 30 from the received drawings, while the art expert will choose the 15 drawings from these, which will be publicly presented and voted on Facebook profile. Office & More chose the best. The nine drawings that will receive the most votes will be printed on notebook covers and launched for sale in paper shops Office & More and fancy goods Bags & More even before the end of the school year. We will donate the proceeds from the sale to a charity, to participating elementary schools, winners and charities.

Creative and charitable project I'm drawing for a friend it is aimed at the weakest - children in need. We donate the proceeds from the sale of notebooks adorned with the artwork of schoolchildren. In the first year, we allocated them to ZPMS, and in the second year, to the school funds of participating primary schools for students living in difficult social conditions.


The theme of the competition I'm designing for a friend 2019 / 20 so živali, which all children adore. We have always chosen a topical topic to raise awareness about the extinction of animal species and the torture of animals, which, unfortunately, is often happening around us.

New in the 2019 / 20 School Year: Literary Contest I'm writing for a friend

We want to encourage creativity in the Slovenian language classes as well, so this year we are announcing an additional competition I'm writing for a friend. Pupils are invited to write a poem or a short essay on the topic - FRIENDSHIP at home or during Slovene lessons. The poem should not have more than 2 4-line stanzas or a total of 10 lines, and the script should not exceed 150 words; literary work may also be shorter, for example, the length of a sentence, thought, phrases. Of all received literary works we chose 9 winners, which will be printed on the back cover of notebooks with the competition I draw to a friend. The authors of these works will receive a prize, namely a voucher worth € 40, which can be redeemed when purchased at Office & More and Bags & More outlets.


Prize money

The proceeds from the sale of notebooks from the competition will be given to:

-       Primary schoolsBy attending the 15 winners, whose drawings will be placed on the public vote. School funds these elementary schools will receive a voucher worth € 100 for the purchase of school supplies for socially disadvantaged children in the branches Office & More and Bags & More.

-       Schoolchildren, 9 the authors of the winning drawings will be printed on notebooks, they will receive a voucher worth € 40, which you can redeem for purchase in the branches Office & More and Bags & More.

- The rest of the funds raised will be used to charities.


How to participate?

Each elementary school may cooperate with any number of drawings, which are collected in a single shipment, delivery in the nearest branch or Office & More Bags & More. Deadline for submission of drawings is 30 November 2019th

Exhibitions of sent drawings

In September and October, 2019 organizes public exhibitions of drawings created by schoolchildren during the 2018 / 19 school year in some shopping centers across Slovenia. We want to make the public even more aware of our creative and charitable project and offer students the opportunity to present themselves in extremely visited locations. They can rightly be proud of their wonderful artwork!

We look forward to working with Slovenian elementary schools and their creative students, as we have proven in the past that charity can also be fun and creative, and well received among young people.

Performance of past performances I'm drawing for a friend

  1.     Performance: I'm designing for a friend 2017 / 18. Due to the excellent response of Slovenian schools and individuals, we gathered through 3000 drawings, We printed the most beautiful 9 on notebooks and donated more than 4000 € to children and the Friends of Youth Association of Slovenia.
  2.     Performance: I'm designing for a friend 2018 / 19 The response from the schools was even more remarkable as we raised more than 5000 drawings, And 6 of the winning ones were printed on notebooks. The very good price of 1 € has convinced many buyers. As the notebooks from this year's project are still on sale, the final donation will be announced later and the schools will receive awards this fall.


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