Samo Lampret: Our big reserve is working with young people


If we go back to the beginning of your journey in the Handball Club Slovenj Gradec - how come you decided to take over the position of president in the Slovenj Gradec club?

Samo Lampret: We have been active in the local community for many years, and as a sports enthusiast myself, I have long been following sports stories in the environment in which we work. The fans have been building a very genuine story since 2011, which has always lacked a little more support from the economy, though I must acknowledge and thank all the many companies and individuals who are and are still helping the club. We at the company came to a stage where we felt that we could give this environment a little more organizationally and financially, so we decided to go even further with this story. After all, it is a long, more than 60-year history that we are sometimes too proud of. Slovenj Gradec and Carinthia need this club, they need it to educate young people, to promote it, to have a quality social life and more. That's why we're here to give something more to this county.

It has been almost a year since you worked as President. How satisfied are you with the work you have done in the area of ​​business and organization of the club during this time?

Samo Lampret: I have to commend all the contributors, thank the sponsors, and praise the fans and the players, the coaches of all selections, not least the parents. I have listed the main stakeholders, because if only one of them falls out of the circle of coexistence, then there is no basis for a successful story. The club was financially and organizationally stable this year. Of course, there is no problem anywhere, but I think we navigate well between the two, complementing each other and dreaming of the future.

Where do you see the most room for progress? Where are the biggest reserves hidden, especially in the area of ​​financial resources?

Samo Lampret: Our big reserve is working with young people. I will be extremely disappointed if we do not bring more children to the club and help them grow up. For some to top sports results, others to healthy and good personalities. I demand a lot from my coaches here, but to put it very clearly, there will be more. We want to bring additional professional staff to the club. Personnel who will be the best at working with children. Sometimes we leave that too much to chance, but I want that parents have the greatest allies in our coaches to upbringing and growing up their children. I don't want to give in here.

When you took over as president, there was also the possibility that the club would take on the name of your company, which is also the club's main sponsor. How come this didn't happen?
Lampret only: I received such an offer myself, but I immediately thanked her for it. Look, for our company it would be a great honor and respect for a club with one of the longest traditions in Slovenia to bear the name of our company. But one has to be aware that this club is a club of all of us. This club is not Acron and this club is not Sam Lampret's club. Let me be very clear, I came to the club to work, I want to draw it so far that someone else may come after me and also proudly work forward. This club is a city club and a Carinthian club, so I want it to continue to proudly bear the name of the town Slovenj Gradec.


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