Office & More and Jolly donated 1000 crayons to the Sun Association

The charity campaign 'With Colored pencils to a Smile' won a successful epilogue last Saturday. Organizer, company Acron Ltd., with stationery Office & More, in Jolly Slovenia, they cheered me on with colored pencils 1000 child of the Sun Association.

Let us remind you - in April and May, for the second year in a row, a charity-sale campaign 'With colored pencils to Smile' was held, in which an additional set of charity was donated for each Jolly purchased in Office & More stationery and Bags & More fancy goods. They managed to meet the set goal - 1.000 colored pencils worth more than 10.000 euros in sales. A related project was surpassed last year by 300 kits. The donated colored pencils have now been given to their owners - children with cerebral paralsy from the Sonček Association, and the organizers thank all those who responded and were so indirectly charitable.

The Ljubljana Zoo is on Saturday, 8. June, following the end of an event organized for 250 Award winners who bought workbooks and textbooks last year with pre-order at the paper shops Office & More, the 1.000 Jolly color kits were handed over.

A thousand sets of crayons is not a little that guests and organizers have found when they have filled almost the entire stage!

The crayons were handed over to the representatives of the Sonček Association by Tina Naraglav, Head of Marketing and Public Relations, and Matevž Vrunč, Executive Director, from Acron, doo, which includes Office & More stationery and Bags & More haberdashery, and Nejc Slokan, Jolly Slovenija Marketing Manager.

Tina Naraglav in her opening address addressed the guests: "At Acron, we are excited about charity projects, knowing that by giving something away, we are actually giving the biggest gift to ourselves - ie. a sense of pride that we did something right. "

Matevž Vrunč thanked the assembled guests for attending the event and then said: “Acron is particularly heartened by projects involving children and those who have not been spared in their lives. We are proud of our long successful cooperation with Jolly Slovenia, which always responds favorably to new charitable projects. Thank you, Jolly, we look forward to seeing future community charities come together. "

During the handing over of the colors to the Sun Association Nejc Slokan said: "Make Jolly crayons a pleasure and fun, as well as useful school supplies while studying and at school."

The representatives of the Sonček Association are.p. they proudly took over the crayons and promised to create with enthusiasm.

Director of the Association Sonček so.p., Suhadolnik Island, said in a grateful address: “First of all, congratulations to the organizers for the wonderful closing event and, of course, the successful 'With colored pencils to Smile' campaign. We are pleased that you have succeeded in achieving your goal. Union Sonček so.p. she also organizes summer vacations for the kids and we are sure that with the quality Jolly colored pencils we will make their summer even better. "